this is our catteryname since we registered it in CFA in 1994, 

we are Andreas & Gabriele Lüppens


and live in the Northern part of Germany, just a few minutes from the border of the North Sea.

Cats are our Hobby, our passion and our love, so our first steps began in 1989 with a persian.

We started to breed persians in 1990 and showed them in different independent clubs here in Europe.

1994 we registered our cattery in CFA and from this time on we showed and breed our cats,

first the persians, than Exotic Shorthair and since 2009 the Oriental Shorthairs

exclusively in CFA


we breed only a few litters because our main focus is on showing our cats, working active on the shows

as Clerk and Masterclerk

and making lots of pics from every show we go to.

so here on this pages you can see a part of our life.....

be welcome