my paintings.....


                               and how it started...



a good friend of mine, Brigitte Ücker-Nahm was the person

who brought me to this wonderful hobby,

one day, a Friday afternoon in April 2011 I visited her at her home,

she had told me some times before that she was doing oilpaintings at an atelier ,

the one from a famous artist in painting here in our town, Buko Koenigshoff.

 here at an opening of an exhibition in 2012

The day before I visited her she had finished a new pic and she said to me,

go downstairs and look at my new painting....

by Brigitte...

I did it and had a booster detonation, standing there in that room the light from otside fell on that pic and I thought

wow that's what I want to do, too!

And how wonderful, thank you very much Buko! the following week I realy could start with

so if you like, here are the pics that I paint from this time on..


this was the one I started with, but soon I found out that I wanted to paint something else...

like my cats

I always loved that pic from our boy Hammersmith and so :

               started it together with a pic from a Brit


than the Brit, a present to or friends for a Breedwin:



the next one was again a pic from Hammersmith, I made it for his breeder:


than one of our boy Stoertebeker:


1,20m * 0,60m


the next one was a pic for a special person:




than it was time to start with something new, in tribute to my wonderful Grandpa who died in 2004

I decided to try a portrait: