The CFA International Cat Show

21-22. November 2009

Georgia International Convention Center

12 Rings: 6 LH - 6 SH Rings



Rachel Anger LH

Kathy Black LH

Pam DelaBar SH

Kim Everett-Hirsch SH

Waine Harding LH

Walter Hutzler LH

Pat Jacobberger LH

David Mare SH

Darrell Newkirk SH

Vicky Nye SH

Diana Rothermel LH

Gary Veach SH


Going to Atlanta was a great event, we had a wonderful

time there and enjoyed it to meet all of you there.

The show-weekend was super perfect organised, the

hotel, the showhall, the shuttleservice, all things

were perfect! Thanks a lot to all the people who were

involved in organising this weekend and making it

very special for all of us.



we proudly showed:




ebony spotted white van Oriental SH male

3rd Best Oriental Shorthair in Show

9th best Cat in the Ring of Darrell Newkirk

11th best Cat in the Ring of Gary Veach





Brown Mc. Tabby & White Exotic Female kitten

2nd Best Longhair kitten in Show

Thank you so much, Valery,  for this georgeous little girl!


Best Kitten in the ring of Walter Hutzler

2nd Best Kitten in the ring of Kathy Black

9th Best Kitten in the ring of Diana Rothermel

2nd Best Kitten in the ring of Rachel Anger

9th Best Kitten in the ring of Pat Jacobberger

2nd Best Kitten in the ring of Waine Harding


Thanks to all judges for doing a wonderful job that weekend!


and now here are our showimpressions, and this time there are realy a lot

of impressions!

We hope you all have fun with them




Atlanta 1     Atlanta 2     Atlanta 3

Atlanta 4     Atlanta 5     Atlanta 6

Atlanta 7     Atlanta 8     Atlanta 9

Atlanta 10     Atlanta 11   Atlanta 12

Atlanta 13     Atlanta 14    Atlanta 15

Atlanta 16     Atlanta 17   Atlanta 18

Atlanta 19     Atlanta 20    Atlanta 21

Atlanta 22     Atlanta 23   Atlanta 24

Atlanta 25     Atlanta 26